Online Custom Workout

Ever wandered into the gym without a plan and had to make up your exercise plan as you go along? This is not an effective way to train if you hope to achieve optimal results. Would you like to create a online custom workout with detailed information such as bodybuilding training with the workout plan generator? We’ll help you create a online custom workout step-by-step!

What is a online custom workout plan? A online workout plan is a planner that details the physical activities you should perform in order to reach your goals, and the amount of time you should spend on each exercise. Each custom workout plan is tailored specifically to the person’s needs and goals.

How to Create an Online Custom Workout Plan

The online workout planner has a pretty simple interface to achieve your fitness goals. On this site with hundreds of images, exercises are divided into categories according to muscle groups. Which muscle group you want to work, all you have to do is enter that category, select the exercises and click the add button. When you click the Add button, you can easily create a training program by specifying the number of sets and repetitions of the exercises. Easily add or remove exercises to create a workout designed specifically by and for you.

If you want to know the amount of calories you need to take daily, workout planner is for you. In addition to creating a workout plan, it has many features such as daily calorie tracking, determining your maximum number of repetitions, calculating calories burned, calculating body mass index and body fat.

Of course, the end goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass and to have a healthier and fitter body, however, you cannot achieve this goal overnight. This is why you need a workout planner. It will help you in so many ways to progress towards your goals.

In short, this workout planner is a web-based app that lets you log your workout type and even specific workouts into your routine, track calories, and create a free workout.


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